Now available - the digital version of the Curaçao Diving Guide

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DUIKGIDS-teaserUp till now the Curaçao Diving Guide 2nd edition was only available when you were in Curaçao or The Netherlands. Over time I received a lot of requests from abroad if the diving guide could be purchased online and then shipped to an address outside of Curaçao. That was not possible because of limitations set by Paypal and an unreliable mail system.

That has changed now: There is a digital version available that can be purchased online and downloaded everywhere in the world. This digital version is available for Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad and Android tablets.

The Curaçao Diving Guide 2nd edition is your guide to all the shore diving sites in Curaçao and most of the boat diving sites along the Southern shore of Curaçao. The guide contains a full A5-page description plus picture per dive site. The second edition contains 100 dive sites.

For a preview of the e-version click on this link.

In addition to this e-version you get the right to obtain the paper version directly from one of the authors, John Dohmen, when you are in Curaçao for just $10.00 (normal price $22.00). Just show me the email that you received with the unique activation code when you are in Curaçao and you get the paper version for this special price.

So if you live outside Curaçao and want to start planning your next dive vacation to Curaçao this would be the perfect tool for you.

Interested? Click on this link to go to the website where you can buy the digital version of the Curaçao Diving Guide..